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Managing the risks of SaaS Sprawl & Shadow IT
3 apr, 2024 • Blog

Managing the Risks of SaaS Sprawl and Shadow IT

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Microsoft Azure AD

Why you should use Microsoft Entra ID together with Substly

15 apr, 2024

What is Shadow IT?

What is Shadow IT?

12 apr, 2024

NIS2 and SaaS management

NIS2 and SaaS management - How does it affect businesses?

8 apr, 2024

Managing the risks of SaaS Sprawl & Shadow IT

Managing the Risks of SaaS Sprawl and Shadow IT

3 apr, 2024

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SaaS management for IT admins; Free up time and increase security

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2023 Rising Star Award Winner!

2023 Rising Star Award Winner!

10 oct, 2023

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9 SaaS Management Best Practices for Small Businesses

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SaaS Spend Management : A Guide for Small and Mid-sized Companies

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28 jul, 2023

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SaaS Management for small & medium-sized businesses

5 jun, 2023

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When should you invest in a SaaS management platform?

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SaaS Management: What is it, tips for getting started & best practices

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Fortnox Office

The Advantages of Integrating Fortnox and Substly for SaaS Management

29 jan, 2023

Maximilian Bador

Meet Maximilian Bador, Substly’s newest team member

6 sep, 2022

Avoid unnecessary expenses for corporate SaaS services

Avoid unnecessary expenses for corporate SaaS services

8 mar, 2022


Get an overview and save money  – Subscription management for CFO’s

9 feb, 2022

Team Substly

5 Positive changes to workplaces post-covid

4 feb, 2022

Unused subscription

Unused subscription services increase by 80% with each passing year

11 jan, 2022

Fortnox x Substly

Substly becomes integration partner with Swedish accounting software market leader Fortnox

23 nov, 2021

Substly is advancing in Infoshare’s international startup competition – as the only Swedish company

15 sep, 2021

Get an overview of your company’s recurring costs – Subscription management for CEOs

22 jul, 2021

Digital subscription services

Digital subscription services – an economic sinkhole

14 jun, 2021

Substly raises $370,000 to consolidate its subscription tracking service for businesses

8 jun, 2021

6 ways to prevent former employees from accessing company data

1 jun, 2021

How much does a startup spend on SaaS subscriptions?

11 may, 2021

5 reasons to teplace spreadsheets

5 reasons to replace spreadsheets to manage company’s subscriptions

4 may, 2021

Ola & Felix

Why we created Substly

28 aug, 2020

What is Substly?

What is Substly?

4 aug, 2020

Free Spreadsheet

Free spreadsheet to track your company’s online subscriptions

2 jul, 2020

How a SaaS Startup

How a SaaS Startup use A/B testing to increase conversions

8 jun, 2020

Why you should track your company’s online subscriptions (even if you run a small business)

28 may, 2020

Substly in Göteborgs-Posten

Substly in Göteborgs-Posten

3 mar, 2020

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