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Gets you the overview and cost control you need – ideal for startups and smaller teams

€2 €2.5

per employee
per month

Min 5 employees. Billed yearly. Billed monthly.

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What you get
  • See SaaS spending per team, person or service
  • Get alerted before renewals happen
  • Simple and intuitive interface that offers a short learning curve
  • See full list of features below

8x ROI on average for Essentials users


Perfect for scale-ups and larger teams that need to analyze and optimize their tech stack

€5 €6

per employee
per month

Min 20 employees. Billed yearly. Billed monthly.

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What you get
  • Everything included in the Essentials plan, plus:
  • Automatically see the utilization rate of the products in your stack
  • Integrations and plugins that will help you streamline your processes
  • See full list of features below

10x ROI on average for Standard users

10x ROI


A good fit for businesses that need more automation or have subsidiaries

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What you get
  • Everything included in the Essentials and Standard plans, plus:
  • Consolidate SaaS operations across multiple companies
  • Custom API:s lets you automate your processes even further
  • See full list of features below

12x ROI on average for Pro users

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Features & Services
Unlimited Subscriptions Instead of limiting the number of services you can add to your account, we encourage you to add as many as possible! Ohh, and remember that you can add and track other recurring costs, not only SaaS.
Alerts & Reminders Get alerted before subscriptions renew or contracts expire.
Spend Tracking & Cost Insights Track and visualize how much you spend per team, employee, and category of services (or however you fancy seeing your data).
Contract & License Management Gather all your contract and license data in one place — easy access to support contacts, notes and offboarding procedures for everyone in your team.
Employee Off-boarding System owners get notified when a user account should be cancelled to make off-boarding employees a breeze.
Vendor Database Find and add SaaS and other subscription-based services from our extensive vendor database. Or create a new service if you want to add something that is not there.
Simple and Intuitive Interface One thing that our customers keep coming back to that makes Substly stand out is the system's simplicity, the short learning curve and the beautiful UI.
Basic Data Exports Export data about your services, users and costs if you want to work with analysis outside Substly.
Single Sign-on (SSO) Enhance your security by only allowing your employees to use Google or Microsoft SSO to log in to Substly
Automated Discovery of Usage Substly's browser extension identifies unused licenses to help you cut costs and ensure you are appropriately licensed.
Automated Discovery of Costs Financial integrations allow you to see actual spending data and ensure you stay on target with your forecasts.
Transaction Uploads Credit card and bank transaction imports make it easy to add spending data from various sources and get a comprehensive overview of your company's SaaS spending.
License Audits Audit system owners to validate who has access to which applications with a push of a button. A huge time saver to get your organization ready for external audits!
User & Product Surveys Survey your employees and learn how they use and perceive the SaaS they have access to. A great way to work proactively and discover educational needs or dissatisfaction early on.
Owner & Team Collaboration Invite others to work alongside you. Let system owners manage the SaaS they own and let colleagues from Finance, HR or Business Support access reports and other data so you can spend your time doing more valuable things than chasing down people or compiling reports.
Shadow IT detection (soon) IT and Management are unaware of or have not sanctioned more than half of the SaaS tools employees use. Substly identifies those services and who is using them, enabling you to protect your company data better and further optimize your tech stack and spending.
GDPR-compliant purchasing Incorporate GDPR compliance as a part of your purchasing process and have one record of truth for all your SaaS in one place.
Custom API:s Connect other systems to Substly and streamline processes like creating new users or triggering off-boardings from, for example, your HR system.
Custom Data Exports & Reports Export data reports about your services, users and costs if you want to work with analysis outside Substly.
Streamline licenses across subsidiaries (soon) Set up workspaces in Substly and exploit synergy effects between your subsidiaries.
Dedicated Onboarding We ensure that time & effort to value are at their minimum by getting you up and running personally and quickly.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager Your Customer Success Manager helps you along the way and answers any questions to get you the best experience of Substly possible.
Financial Integrations
Xero Sync accounting data from Xero and see your SaaS spending.
Quickbooks Online Sync accounting data from Quickbooks Online and see your SaaS spending.
Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Sync accounting data from Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and see your SaaS spending.
Fortnox Sync accounting data from Fortnox and see your SaaS spending.
Company Bank Accounts in EU&UK (Beta) Sync transaction data from your company bank account to automatically discover your SaaS spending.
Other Integrations & Add-ons
Google Workspace Sync groups, users, and services from your Google Workspace account.
Microsoft Entra ID Sync Groups, users, and services usage from your Microsoft Entra ID account.
Browser Extensions Automatically discover unsanctioned usage and unused user accounts via our web browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

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Got questions? We’ve got the answers.

How are Substly Essentials different from Substly Standard?

With the Essentials plan, you get everything you need for an overview of your software spending without any fuzz. It is usually a suitable plan for companies with up to 50 employees.

The Standard plan includes more features for cooperation between departments and system owners, as well as integrations and browser extensions to help you get insights into usage and reduce the amount of manual work.

What happens after my 30-day free trial?

After 30 days, you´ll have to choose a price plan and pay to continue using Substly. Choose your plan while logged in to Substly, or schedule a call with one of our product specialists if you want help choosing the most suitable plan for your company.

Do you offer support or help to set up our account?

Yes. Whether you need support, have a feature request or want to give us a pat on the back, we would love to hear from you!

Feel free to schedule a call with one of our product specialists or email

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept debit/credit card payments from all major card issuers on all our plans.

Customers on the “Pro” plan are also offered payments via invoice.

What cancellation policy do you have?

There is no cancellation period, nor do we have any cancellation fees. You can use Substly as long as you are happy with it. If there is anything you miss or dislike, we would love to hear how we can improve Substly and hope you’ll consider dropping us a line at

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