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Get insights into SaaS usage and shadow IT - the basics for SaaS related security and compliance

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Usage Discovery & User Management
Discovery & Management
Optimization Add-ons
SaaS Apps Discovery Substly automatically discovers the SaaS apps in use across your company via Google Workspace/Microsoft Entra ID, our browser extensions, and financial data.



SaaS Apps Usage Tracking See adoption rate and usage rate of each SaaS app to ensure you aren't paying for unused licenses and are properly licensed at renewals.



Shadow IT Detection Usually, half of a company's tech stack is unsanctioned by, or unknown to, Management/IT. Substly identifies these SaaS apps and helps you mitigate security risks and inefficiencies.
Usage Tracking of Internal Services Identify the usage level of internal services accessed by web browsers.
Employee Off-boarding Reduce offboarding time by 70-90% and ensure everything gets completed. System owners get notified by Substly when it´s time to delete user accounts for people who have left.
Compliance & Security
Discovery & Management
Optimization Add-ons
Single Sign-on (SSO) Unlike most SaaS products we decided to include SSO in our basic offering. You are welcome!
User & Product Surveys Survey your employees and learn how they use and perceive the SaaS they have access to. A great way to work proactively and discover educational needs or dissatisfaction early on.
License Audits Audit system owners to validate who has access to which applications with a push of a button. A huge time saver to get your organization ready for external audits!
PII register (Personally Identifiable Information) Gather all GDPR data related to your services in one place. Incorporate a PII register, based on Article 30 of the EU GDRP Directive which dictates what should be recorded.
Multi-Factor Authentication Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds crucial security beyond passwords by requiring users to use an authenticator app to log into Substly. It prevents password attacks, meets regulatory standards, and secures remote access. Despite an extra step, MFA offers user convenience while safeguarding sensitive data.
Administration & Roles
Discovery & Management
Optimization Add-ons
Substly Admins Substly improves collaboration between different departments. The more people who share the same insights, the more value is created - therefore we encourage you to invite system owners, finance, legal, etc to the platform.



Access Level Rights Decide who can access what information or change which data in Substly.



Substly Entities Gain control over data access with Substly Entities—ideal for businesses managing subsidiaries or multiple tenants within platforms like Google Workspace or Microsoft Entra ID. Customize access permissions to align with your organizational structure, enabling various teams to access only necessary data.
Cost optimization
Discovery & Management
Optimization Add-ons
Renewal alerts Get alerted before subscriptions renew or contracts expire.
Cost Visualization per department/person/category Simplify SaaS-related budgeting by adding spend details and see how much you spend on different teams, categories, and roles.
Contract and Invoice Upload Become less dependent on individuals by gathering contract information, contracts, and invoices in one place for easy access by those who need it.
Owner & Team Collaboration Invite others to work alongside you. Let system owners manage the SaaS they own, automate communication, and let colleagues from Finance, HR or Business Support access reports and other data so you can spend your time doing more valuable things than chasing down people or compiling reports.
Vendor Database for adding custom services Simply add SaaS and other subscription-based services from our vendor database. If you have internally developed services, or want to add other than SaaS, you can easily create a new service and track its spend and usage.
Automated Spend Tracking Finacial integrations allow you to see actual spending data and ensure you stay on target with your forecast.
Automated Forecasting Save time on forecasting and budgeting by letting Substly do the work for you. Future spend is forecasted based on the financial data supplied.
Automated Renewal Dates Detection Stop chasing renewal dates or get surprised by unwanted renewals as Substly calculates renewal dates from the financial data supplied.
Transaction Imports Credit card and bank transaction imports make it easy to add spending data from various sources and get a comprehensive overview of your company´s SaaS spending.
Custom Data Exports & Reports Export data reports about your services, users, and costs if you want to work with analysis outside Substly.
Deployment & Support
Discovery & Management
Optimization Add-ons
Hosting in EU For GDPR-compliance reasons, your data is encrypted and stored in the EU.
Custom API:s Connect other systems to Substly and streamline processes like creating new users or triggering offboardings from, for example, your HR system.
Spreadsheet Import Working in a spreadsheet or using another system for SaaS management that allows exports? No matter how you keep track today, we'll import your data, saving you time migrating to Substly.
1:1 Onboarding We ensure that time & effort to value are at their minimum by getting you up and running personally and quickly.
Dedicated Customer Success Manager Your Customer Success Manager helps you along the way and answers any questions to get you the best experience of Substly possible
AD Integrations & Extensions
Discovery & Management
Optimization Add-ons
Google Workspace Sync groups, users, and usage from services your employees use SSO to log in to.
Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) Sync groups, users, and usage from services your employees use SSO to log in to.
Browser Extensions (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox) Automatically discover unsanctioned usage, Shadow IT, and unused user accounts via our web browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.
Financial Integrations
Discovery & Management
Optimization Add-ons
Xero Sync accounting data from Xero and see your SaaS spending.
Quickbooks Online Sync accounting data from Quickbooks Online and see your SaaS spending.
Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Sync accounting data from Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and see your SaaS spending.
Fortnox Sync accounting data from Fortnox and see your SaaS spending.

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How is "Discovery & Management" different from "Optimization Add-ons"?

Discovery & Management Plan:
Our core plan provides comprehensive tools to monitor SaaS usage, track costs, manage user licenses, and streamline offboarding. Visualize expenses across departments, categories, and roles for enhanced clarity.

Optimization Add-ons:
Elevate your SaaS management with targeted add-ons. Automate processes via integrations and APIs and bolster security and compliance efforts. Each add-on is available separately, ensuring you only pay for the features you need.

What happens after my 30-day free trial?

After your free trial, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan to continue using Substly.

Schedule a call with one of our product specialists to discover which plan or add-ons best suit your company's needs.

Do you offer support or help to set up our account?

Yes. To get as much value out of your Substly experience as possible, we always help out. Schedule a call with one of our product specialists if you want guidance.

Whether you need support, have a feature request, or want to give us a pat on the back, we would love to hear from you! Email us at

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept debit/credit card payments from all major card issuers.

Get in touch if you prefer to pay via invoice/bank transfer.

What cancellation policy do you have?

You can use Substly as long as you are satisfied with it. We do not have a cancellation period or any cancellation fees. We would love to hear your feedback if there's anything you lack or find unsatisfactory. Please feel free to reach out to us at with your suggestions for improvement.

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