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SaaS management made easy

Uncomplicated and affordable SaaS management tailored for small & mid-sized businesses.

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Hundreds of companies use Substly to save time and money

IT and management are unaware of half their tech stack, while 30% of purchased licenses go unused.


Substly brings transparency to SaaS environments,  increasing security and saving you time & money.


Visualize all SaaS apps in one place

Automated discovery of all SaaS applications used by employees allows you to gather a portfolio view with minimum effort, ensuring you are appropriately licensed.

  • Get usage insights into 100% of your SaaS tools
  • Automatically identify unused or underutilized licenses
  • Reduce overlapping and orphaned services

Keep your company data safe

Don't lose track of which employees can access which services, or which vendors you share data with. Substly helps you increase data security and ensure compliance.

  • Detect usage of unapproved apps ("Shadow IT")
  • Avoid letting employees leave with access to company data
  • Keep a record of access to SaaS tools

Maximize the value of your IT investments

Without centralized management, you'll likely overspend by at least 25% on SaaS. Clear visibility and actionable cost optimization insights help you avoid draining the budget.

  • Cut out unnecessary spending on unused licenses
  • Visualize spend per category, team, or role
  • Automate spend tracking & forecasting

Streamline offboarding

Improve license handling, ensure that all licenses get canceled, and save up to 90% on time spent on employee offboarding while you're at it.

  • Know exactly what to cancel and when
  • Less error-prone and manual processes
  • Notifies service owners when a license needs to be canceled

Work across teams

Make your SaaS operations less dependent on one person or team. Work effortlessly across teams and minimize the SaaS sprawl by managing everything in one place and sharing an overview with all stakeholders.

  • Automate budgeting and follow-ups on the outcome
  • Quickly run audits across your teams
  • Let billing owners be notified before contracts are renewed
"I no longer chase information from department heads. With Substly, I see if it's correct at the touch of a button."
Daniel Hultgren

Daniel Hultgren
COO at Litium

Litium cut costs and improved its off-boarding & budgeting processes

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"Other systems tend to be complex, but the user interface in Substly is easy to use, which is so lovely!"
Daniel Dahlquist

Daniel Dahlquist
CISO, Quinyx

Read about how the Finance Department and the CTO benefit from Quinyx's implementation of Substly

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"I don’t have to bother the IT department with questions about company licenses anymore. Instead, I go directly to Substly."
Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja

Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja
Head of Business Support, tretton37

Find out how tretton37 gained control of their SaaS and improved the off-boarding of employees

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"We have tested most systems on the market, but nothing has been as user-friendly and flexible as Substly"
Krister Laag

Krister Laag
CIO, Stendahls

Read about how Stendahls optimise its licenses and improves cost control

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Substly has helped companies save more than

€5 250 000

on unused or underused services

Be up and running in less than 30 minutes!

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For your business

For your control

No more unused SaaS

Stop wasting money on unused SaaS. With an overview of ALL your software tools and how they are used, you will know which licenses to keep or cancel.

For your team

For your data security

Detect unapproved apps

Get notified about SaaS tool usage that you are unaware of. Increase data information security and reduce inefficiencies from employees using multiple tools with similar features.

For your compliance

For your time management

Automate processes

Stop chasing people down or performing manual tasks; focus on more valuable activities that will help your business become more competitive and grow faster.

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Substly has helped businesses detect more than

965 000

unapproved SaaS licenses and unused accounts

Easy to get started

Onboarding is easy, and you will be up and running in less than 30 min.

Around-the-clock support

We answer within 24 hours, whatever question you may have.

No strings attached

No cancellation period or fee. Stay as long as you're happy.

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