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SaaS management made easy

Save time and money by managing all your SaaS, users and costs in one place.

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Hundreds of companies use Substly to save time and money

On average, companies pay for 2-3 times more software licences than they think, and 30% of costs are wasted on unused or underused services.

Substly makes it easier to manage those licenses.
For everyone.

For your business

For your business

No more unused or underused SaaS

Stop wasting money on unused SaaS. With an overview of all your software licenses, you will know which services are used and which ones you should cancel.

For your team

For your team

Provide employees with what they need

Get insights into SaaS usage and learn what frustrates users. Analyze, optimize and provide employees with the digital tools they need to become more efficient.

For your compliance

For your compliance

Make safety your top priority

60% of former employees have access to at least one account after leaving a company. With Substly, you will avoid unauthorized access to your company's data.

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"Other systems tend to be complex, but the user interface in Substly is easy to use, which is so lovely!"
Daniel Dahlquist

Daniel Dahlquist
CISO, Quinyx

Read about how the Finance Department and the CTO benefit from Quinyx's implementation of Substly

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"I don’t have to bother the IT department with questions about company licenses anymore. Instead, I go directly to Substly."
Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja

Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja
Head of Business Support, tretton37

Find out how tretton37 gained control of their SaaS and improved the off-boarding of employees

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"We have tested most systems on the market, but nothing has been as user-friendly and flexible as Substly"
Krister Laag

Krister Laag
CIO, Stendahls

Read about how Stendahls optimise its licenses and improves cost control

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Substly has helped companies save more than

€5 250 000

on unused or underused services

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