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2 mar, 2023 • Customer Cases

"I no longer chase information from department heads. With Substly, I see if it's correct at the touch of a button."

Litium cut costs and improved its off-boarding & budgeting processes

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Hundreds of companies use Substly to save time and money


"Other systems tend to be complex, but the user interface in Substly is easy to use, which is so lovely!"

Read about how the Finance Department and the CTO benefit from Quinyx's implementation of Substly


"We have tested most systems on the market, but nothing has been as user-friendly and flexible as Substly"

Read about how Stendahls optimise its licenses and improves cost control


"I don’t have to bother the IT department with questions about company licenses anymore. Instead, I go directly to Substly."

Find out how tretton37 gained control of their SaaS and improved the off-boarding of employees


"We were shocked at how much we spent on SaaS."

Dirsys integrated its accounting software and cut subscription costs by 20%

Founders Loft

"We always thought a spreadsheet was the way to go, but Substly proved a much better solution."

Founders Loft cleared out the mess - gathered all subscriptions in one place


"Using Substly was a reality check for us. There is a need for a service like Substly in companies of all sizes."

Matix at Gothenburg School of Business, Economics & Law got a clear overview and improved cost control


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