About us

“We got tired of trying to manage our company’s subscriptions in a spreadsheet, so we built a service for it instead”


We are Substly

Substly was founded with the goal to save time and money for companies that want to take control of the subscription-based services being used across their organisation.

Subscription business models were created to make you spend more money. And there is a reason that most vendors move toward that type of business model – it works. We want to increase the transparency of these services so that our customers can avoid the traps.

We have come a long way in a short amount of time. Since the product was released in early 2020, we have attracted users from 40+ countries.

The Founders

Ola Stål and Felix Sjöstedt

Substly was founded in Sweden in 2018 by Ola Stål and Felix Sjöstedt. They got fed up by trying to keep track of all subscriptions, users, and costs in spreadsheets.

“I remember how we used to forget to cancel unwanted subscriptions before they renewed. We acquired new software without knowing if there already was a similar service being used and when people left we often missed to cancel user accounts”, says Felix. “Due to the lack of a good overview, we wasted money and shared our company data with people that shouldn’t have access to it”, Ola adds.

As they looked for a tool to help them with these challenges, they realised no good options for small and medium-sized businesses existed on the market and decided to build one on their own.

“We failed to find a product that could be used and loved, even by non-techies, so we decided to build one ourselves. Companies use two to three times more subscriptions than they think and there is surprisingly much to be saved by tracking subscriptions and managing users in a structured way”, says Ola.

The subscription tracking application Substly made it clear to Felix and Ola how poorly they used to track subscriptions earlier.

“We were surprised by how much we spent on subscriptions and how many services were being used without our knowledge. Not only did Substly get us back in control, but it has also helped us to stay in control ever since”, says Felix.

Today the team consists of six team members and is constantly growing. The whole team is creating, sharing and participating in the work.

“We have put a lot of effort into creating an innovative and engaging environment. That has enabled us to attract awesome people to the team. We have a lot of fun as we create value for our customers. Sharing the experience of this journey means a lot to us”, Ola finishes.

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There is a thing we call the Substly Spirit. We can tell you about it by sprinkling this text with fancy words and trendy expressions, but in the end of the day, it is a working culture, a vivid and enthusiastic atmosphere composed by the hard-working people at Substly, supporting and rooting for each other.

The best way to experience the Substly Spirit, beyond the written statements, is to join our team. Look at our career pages for open positions or check out our Culture Deck for more information about who we are and what we stand for.

"To me Always be growing is literally always be growing. Every day I’m learning something new and I constantly grow."

Rickardh - Developer