How tretton37 gained control of their SaaS

"Today we have an overview of both which digital services we use, but also who uses them."

Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja Business Support at tretton37
  • 212 employees
  • €17,3 mil yearly revenue

"I don't have to go to the IT department and check for information about company licenses, instead I can go directly to Substly."

- Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja

How it all started

Consultants Martin and Oskar decided to found the company tretton37 in 2010, with the vision of building a knowledge-driven software company admired worldwide. Today, ten years later, the tretton37 family has grown significantly. Spread over five offices in Sweden and Slovenia; 212 employees from over 25 nationalities work with delivering tailor-made software solutions. tretton37 assists other organizations on their digital journey, and with the help of project-based software development, they take opportunities from the idea stage to finished software.

tretton37 cares for the community

Creating a company culture characterized by a great community was important. The most important thing has been to attract employees who work with integrity and deliver high-quality work. To protect its community, the company regularly holds internal and external meet-ups, discussion forums, and live events where the focus is on knowledge sharing and educating tomorrow’s software developers. This means that tretton37 offers far more than the services they sell.

“The company culture and the community are very important to us at tretton37.”
Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja

Substly saved us from impractical spreadsheets

As the tretton37 family has grown, the need for structure and overview has become increasingly important. Before the company started using Substly, all coordination of the company’s digital services was managed in spreadsheets, and only one person was responsible. Nowadays, several people are cooperating. Åsa Lilja, responsible for Business Support and the IT department, took over responsibility for Substly this summer. She says that tretton37, with the help of Substly, has now gotten a clear overview of all its digital services, several of which had previously altogether avoided reporting.

“Substly helped us identify licenses that we were completely unaware of. Today, we have an overview of both which digital services we use, but also who uses them – all in one place.”
Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja

So far, the most significant value we are getting from Substly is to be able to structure the user management of our digital services, Åsa says. In connection with a license issued, the service and the user are always connected in Substly. Thus, the platform gives the company an overview of which employees have access to which digital services. tretton37 describes that this has helped them improve their off-boarding process, helped them cut costs, and increased their IT security. Going back to how they handled their digital services and user licenses before Substly would be unthinkable, according to Åsa.

“Substly has really improved our off-boarding process! Nothing longer falls between the cracks as Substly shows us exactly which user-accounts we need to remove.”
Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja

Sharing responsibilities between company departments saves time

Nowadays, employees from different departments in tretton37 collaborate to add and remove licenses and users in Substly. Coordinating work efforts between departments saves time, and having access to a shared overview in Substly also eliminates the need for intermediaries who can quickly become bottlenecks in the process. tretton37 is a perfect example of how Substly can help colleagues share responsibilities and contribute to better internal transparency and coordination, even when collaboration occurs across national borders.

“I don’t have to bother the IT department with questions about company licenses anymore. Instead, I go directly to Substly.”
Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja

So far, tretton37 has only used the user management features in Substly to create an overview of users and what services they have access to. Now, having gotten the user management process under control, tretton37 is planning to start tracking their costs in Substly. This gives them a better overview of how costs are spread across different offices, countries, and employees. By using the subscription management features in Substly, tretton37 aims to identify cost-saving opportunities.

What has been the result of using Substly?

With the help of Substly, tretton37 has created an overview of which digital services are used in the company and by whom. They no longer pay for services or licenses that they don’t use. They have a structured and sustainable off-boarding process, protecting the company against unauthorized system logins.

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