Why you should use Azure Active Directory together with Substly


Suppose you have complete control over your company’s subscriptions and are confident that you only use services supported by Microsoft. In that case, you don’t have to worry about anything. If not, there is a high risk of losing money on duplicate and unused subscriptions. Also, former employees will have access to old accounts that Microsoft does not support. Because in Azure AD’s marketplace, you only find services supported by Microsoft, unlike Substly, where you find all services, regardless of provider.

The difference between Azure AD and Substly

The big difference between Microsoft Azure AD and Substly is that Azure AD only manages subscription services supported by Microsoft. At the same time, Substly is completely cross-border and handles all kinds of subscriptions and digital services. But the differences are many more than that.

Azure Active Directory

Azure AD provides access to thousands of applications in one place and allows administrators to create accounts and invite people within the organization to work in various services. You can also delete an account relatively quickly directly on their platform. Azure Active Directory’s primary purpose is to protect the company’s users from cyber attacks.


Substly’s platform provides a comprehensive overview of all the company’s subscriptions, costs, and users. Substly’s primary purpose is partly to increase security and provide a clear picture of how much the company, different departments, and employees spend on subscription services. Substly, unlike Azure AD, accordingly includes an economic aspect.

How to combine Azure AD and Substly in your work

Today, many of Substly’s customers use both Substly and Microsoft Azure AD simultaneously. We usually describe Substly as a complement to Azure AD, where Substly becomes a central platform for the company’s entire subscription management. Here they enter all their subscriptions, recurring costs, and users (including the subscriptions available in Azure). This is to facilitate On / Offboarding of employees, but also to be able to take advantage of other benefits of Substly, such as:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of all subscriptions, teams, and users.
  • Identify any overlap between services used within the company to see if there is an opportunity for improvement.
  • See which subscriptions employees use, what they cost, and when renewed.
  • Get an overview of how much money each department in the workplace spends on subscriptions.

Suppose your company today uses Azure Active Directory and only services supported by Microsoft. In that case, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. But suppose your company, like most others, uses services that Microsoft does not support. In that case, you should consider including Substly or some other tool that organizes and manages subscriptions and digital services in your work.

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