Free spreadsheet to track your company’s online subscriptions

Free spreadsheet to track your company’s online subscriptions

Looking for a way to get started with tracking SaaS and other online subscriptions being used in your company, but not yet ready to invest in a service like Substly?

A spreadsheet is a good way to get started and to make it easier for you we decided to share a spreadsheet we used to gather data from our pilot customers. Feel free to download it, use it, and start saving your company money.

Free spreadsheet to track your company’s online subscriptions

Once you experience the limitations of spreadsheets for keeping track of your subscriptions, users and costs we hope you will consider trying out Substly 😀

Subscription-based business models were created to make you spend more. And there is a reason that most vendors move toward that type of business model – it works! Substly helps your company avoid paying more than you need by bringing you a much-needed overview of all your subscriptions, users, and costs.

Substly was started because we got fed up with the time consuming and somewhat painful task of keeping track of all subscriptions, users, and costs in a spreadsheet.

We lacked an overview of owners and users for the different services being used across our organization. We found it hard to get insights on how much we spent on SaaS and other subscription-based services. We constantly missed cancelling unused services before they renewed. We sometimes acquired new services without knowing if there was a similar service being used already. When people left the company we most often missed to cancel some of their accounts – wasting money and sharing our company data with people that shouldn’t have access to it anymore.

As we looked for a tool to help us with these challenges, we realized that the few options that existed on the market were all targeting IT management in large corporations. We failed to find a product that was developed strictly with the needs of small and medium-sized companies in mind. An out-of-the-box and easy to use a product that was made for non-techies.

To some of our customers, Substly became a revelation. Not only did it allow them to get back in control, but it has helped them to stay in control ever since. We hope it will do the same for you!

Free spreadsheet to track your company’s online subscriptions

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