Why Substly?

Substly helps small to medium-sized companies get a complete overview of their subscriptions, digital services, and recurring costs.

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Companies waste 15-20% of what they spend on subscriptions

Most businesses fear the task of compiling all subscriptions, costs, and users. It’s tedious and time-consuming. However, the rate that subscription spending has increased in recent years, it’s well worth the effort.


“I almost choked on my coffee when I saw how much we spend on cloud services.”
Jörgen Aaröe, DirSys


“Last winter, we discovered that we purchased the same cloud service 11 times in different departments. Had we had Substly, it would not have happened, and we could have saved a couple of hundred thousand SEK on just one service.”
Henrik Wannheden, Stendahls Advertising Agency


“As a small organization, you think you are in control of these things. Substly showed us that was not the case.”
Robert Orbelin, Gothenburg School of Economics

Don't allow subscription management to be a problem

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Find out what services you use and what you pay for them

Get an overview of your total costs and how they are distributed per service, category, team, or employee.

Get alerts when services are about to be renewed or licenses expire

Keep an eye on when to renegotiate a contract or terminate a service.

Substly Dashboard
Collaborate with your teammates

Stay in control

It has never been easier to create a good overview or maintain control over time than with Substly.

Substly is used by

Catena Media
Visiba Care
Kids Brand Store

What is Substly?

Substly helps companies understand what digital services they have, who uses them, and how much they cost by visualizing all recurring costs in a simple overview and simplifying manual processes.

Substly automatically identifies digital services based on payment history from a bank, accounting system, or card issuer.

The use of subscription-based services has exploded in recent years. This usage is a positive development as it makes employees more efficient and companies more competitive. As more people than before having the mandate to purchase services, the follow-up has become more complex. Today, one person rarely sits on all the puzzle pieces. This assignment is something several people need to collaborate on to be successful.

The shared overview and simplified management that Substly provides give; smoother processes, increased cost control, and helps prevent unauthorized people from accessing the company’s data.

Take control of your digital services

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