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How it works

An easier way to manage SaaS, user licenses & spending 

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Is your tech stack growing? We’ve got you covered.

Service & user overview

Visualize all SaaS in one place


Keep your company data safe

Easy offboarding

Cancel licences swiftly at the right time

Shared responsibility

Work across teams for better accountability

Find your perfect plan
Get the overview you need
Get the overview you need

Visualize all SaaS in one place

Optimize your company's SaaS spending. With Substly, you´ll be able to see which digital services you are paying for, if they’re being used, and by whom.

  • Make better and more data-driven decisions.
  • Let Substly simplify your budgeting.
  • Save time by cutting out manual tasks.
Security for you and your customers
Security for you and your customers

Keep your company data safe

Don´t lose track of who has access to which accounts. With Substly, you will know who has access to what, and you’ll be able to swiftly cancel licenses when an employee leaves — so that no one walks away with your company's or customer's data.

  • Avoid letting employees leave with access to company data.
  • Optimize spending and make sure you are correctly licensed.
  • Get insights into how licenses are used.
Makes off-boarding a breeze
Makes offboarding a breeze

Notify the right people at the right time

See all SaaS licenses each person in your team has access to. When it's time to say goodbye to a colleague, it will be quick and easy to cancel all their digital services – without missing a single one.

  • Get notified when licenses need to be cancelled.
  • Be notified before a subscription is renewed.
  • Cut out time spent searching for what to cancel.
Share the responsibilities
Share the responsibilities

Work across teams

Make your SaaS operations less dependent on one person. Work effortlessly across teams and minimize the SaaS sprawl by managing everything in one place and sharing an overview with other stakeholders.

  • Don’t be dependent on people working in silos.
  • Quickly run audits across your teams.
  • Let system owners manage their services and licenses.
Listen to what our users have to say

Easy to use? You better believe it

"Other systems tend to be complex, but the user interface in Substly is easy to use, which is so lovely!

Daniel Dahlquist
CISO, Quinyx


"We have tested most systems on the market, but nothing has been as user-friendly and flexible as Substly"

Krister Laag
CIO, Stendahls


"I don’t have to bother the IT department with questions about company licenses anymore. Instead, I go directly to Substly."

Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja
Head of Business support, 13ǀ37

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