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What is Substly?

Substly helps companies save money & time by gathering subscription-based services, users and costs in one place.

Integrating Substly with Quickbooks allows you to track costs and renewals for your whole supplier list within seconds.

Substly Dashboard

There are many benefits, here is three

Get notified

Get alerted before renewals happen.

Cost control

Visualisation of how much you spend, all the way down to team/employee-level.

Unused subscriptions

Get to know what is not being used and cancel subscriptions that are not needed.

Connect to Quickbooks

Connect Substly and Quickbooks in just a few clicks

Connecting your Quickbooks account to Substly is straightforward – and fast.

Get an overview of your company’s subscriptions and digital services

Subscriptions, users & costs – all in one place. A full overview of all recurring subscriptions and simplified user management.

Substly and Fortnox Integration
Substly to Fortnox integration

Save (a lot of) money and time

Subscription and user management designed especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

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