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Step 1

Add subscriptions

Add company subscriptions via our product database or let Substly query your bank and credit card transactions to identify which subscriptions are being paid for and how much is being paid.

Find your subscriptions
Step 2

Survey your employees

Let employees confirm which digital services they use and populate your Substly account with up to date usage information.

Track your users
Step 3

All your subscriptions, in one place

Once you’ve gotten started with Substly, features such as alerts, off-boarding checklists and spending reports will make it easy to stay in control. From now on you can invite colleagues to share the overview and burden of managing company subscriptions.



  • How much time does it take to set up our account?

    If you use the built-in integrations and Usage Survey, your account can start being populated in a few minutes. If you prefer to add your data manually, it largely depends on how many subscriptions are being used and how well you know your spend details. Feedback from customers that set up their account manually is that they find it easier than they thought it would be. It normally takes between 20 minutes and a couple of hours.

    Feel free to book a short call with one of our experts to find out what would be the best approach for you.

  • What kind of subscriptions can we manage with Substly?

    Although Substly was mainly created for keeping track of SaaS (Software as a Service), we live in an “Everything as a Service”-economy and our customers use Substly to keep track of much more. You can track digital services such as Salesforce, Mailchimp or Microsoft 365 as well as anything else that is being bought as-a-service; memberships, newspapers, furniture, coffee, plants, office space, cars, mobile phones etc. Hence, you may use Substly to keep track of all kinds of recurring payments, free services and lifetime deals.

  • Do we have to connect our bank account?

    No. Substly works just as well without the built-in integrations. Connecting your bank account to Substly or uploading credit card statements minimises the work you need to do to add data to your dashboard. But you can add subscriptions and spend details from our curated product database.

  • Do we cancel a subscription if we remove it from Substly?

    Substly alerts you on when to cancel a subscription, or which user accounts to cancel when an employee leaves your company, but a subscription or user account doesn’t get cancelled automatically when removed from Substly.

  • Why should we add service users (employees, consultants) to Substly?

    Add employees, consultants and others with access to your services in order to keep track of user accounts. This enables you to manage user access more easily and prevent the unwanted spread of information.

    When an employee leaves your company Substly’s offboarding function shows you exactly which services they have access to and streamlines the process of removing their user accounts. By doing so, you also make sure that company data doesn’t spread outside of your organization.

    By adding users you can also see how much you spend on average per user and how many users that are connected to different subscriptions, enabling you to make smarter decisions and save money.

    • Overview of your users
    • On-/off-boarding of users
    • Quick edit user
    • Prevent unwanted spread of information
    • Identify average spend per user
    • Get important insights
  • Do the employees we import get access to Substly?

    No. You can invite employees as Admins, which allows you to collaborate in Substly, but importing email addresses doesn’t automatically give your employees access to Substly. Nor do we communicate with your employees in any other way than triggered by you (such as sending Usage Surveys, setting subscription renewal alerts etc).

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