Substly becomes integration partner with Fortnox

Fortnox x Substly

The partnership implies that companies who use Fortnox for accounting now can overview all the services, how much they cost, and renewal dates with Substly.

Information about subscriptions, costs, and renewal dates is automatically synchronized when integrating Fortnox with Substly. This means that you always have an updated and sorted overview of your company’s costs and services. On Substly’s platform, you can also take part in unique insights about who uses which services and understand your costs in a completely new way.

“Creating an overview of the company’s services and recurring costs has traditionally involved a largely manual effort. A company can now create that overview through a few keystrokes in Substly.”
Ola Stål, CEO of Substly

Capture new subscriptions automatically

Based on the supplier register in Fortnox, you choose which services to track in Substly. New subscriptions are then automatically captured, and you can receive notifications that help you act before the current contract expires or subscriptions are renewing automatically.

“Our goal in partnering with Fortnox is to help more companies discover how much they spend on subscription-based services, thereby giving the expense item the focus it deserves.”
Ola Stål, CEO of Substly

In addition to getting an overview of all subscriptions and recurring costs, Substly contributes to:

  • Increased cost control by helping you clear unused services and user accounts.
  • Better insight into how much the company spends per category of services, team or individual.
  • Reduced manual work before budgeting and reconciliations.
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