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We strive to help you get back in control, making your busy life easier, your employees more efficient and your company more profitable.

Improving the way companies work

Our mission is to improve the way modern companies work by making management of subscription services simple and accessible to companies of all sizes.

It is almost shocking that modern companies have such limited understanding of the services their employees use to carry out their work. Especially when it has such a strong effect on their efficiency and satisfaction.

So why do modern companies take this so lightly? Our take is that they don’t. But they lack the understanding of how to address these issues and lack the tools to do so. Most companies also underestimate the untapped potential that lies in optimizing software usage within their organization.

Why not make this available to others?

Being experienced users of a large number of subscription services, as well as managing enterprise software for other companies, we have seen that companies that let their employees use the most appropriate services according to their needs grow faster. We have also seen how hard it is to do just that without proper knowledge and support. Substly is all about making it easier by providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

We leverage our experience and dedication to deliver a service that gives you the overview you need to make better decisions about the services you use.

Giving you the power to do more

We believe companies of all sizes should be able to benefit from using the subscription services that best suit their needs. We believe all companies should have the power to make their employees prosper, because that’s the way companies prosper.

We dedicate our time to build the best possible service for managing subscriptions, giving our customers a competitive advantage. We thrive on helping your company become a better version of itself!

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