Renewal dates

Cancel subscriptions before they end up on your credit card bill

Substly notifies you

You might think cancelling subscriptions on time would be the easiest thing to remember? Yet those unwanted renewals pop up on the credit card bill. Again and again. Especially those yearly renewals are tricky and they keep on surprising even the best of us.

You no longer have to rely on people emailing reminders to themselves or setting cues in their calendars. In Substly each service has an owner and when an alert is due, that person gets notified. If the ownership of a service is transferred to a new person the alert will be sent to the new owner.

Substly helps you dodge the bullet by allowing you to set alerts. You can set two types of alerts: 

  1. Recurring alert = an alert is sent before a service or plan gets renewed.
  2. One time alert = an alert is sent on a date specified by you.
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