Prevent unwanted access

Limit the spread of your company data

Your data should stay with you

Many companies have realised they waste money on services and user accounts not being used. In most cases there is lots of money to be saved. Do you realise that each user account not being cancelled on time means that someone who shouldn’t have access to your company data still does? Uncontrolled spread of company data has always been destructive from a business point of view but according to GDPR it is now also illegal. Fortunately, with Substly, there is now a simple way to make sure your data doesn’t spread outside of your organisation.

Whether a person is an employee, consultant, intern or for other reasons have access to any of your company’s services you should add them to Substly to help you manage their access. 

When their access to company data needs to be limited or withdrawn, Substly provides you with an updated list of which accounts to cancel. This saves you time and helps you cancel all relevant accounts.

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