Overview of services and users

Gather all of your subscription services in one place

There is a better way than Excel

Let Substly uncover which services you pay for, how much and often you pay, as well as when they renew. Add free services, life-time deals or choose to track your spend and renewal dates for mobile phone subscriptions, company cars etc. In Substly, you are free to add and track any type of recurring payment or service. If you want to include a service that isn’t included in our extensive database, you can create your custom service in seconds. Upload account information from your bank or credit card issuer to allow Substly to automatically identify your services, or add them manually.

Whether a person is an employee, consultant, intern or for other reasons have access to any of your company’s services you can add them to Substly to help you manage their access. 

In a user-friendly dashboard you’ll get a quick overview on how many services you actually have, how much you have spent during the last 12 months and a forecast of how much you will spend over the coming 12 months. You also get information about any upcoming events like renewals, expiries or people leaving your company. From the dashboard you can easily navigate to other pages with more detailed information about your services and users.

Substly Overview