Optimise your subscription services

Substly is easy to use and lets you get an overview of your company’s services, users and spend.

Get an overview of all your subscriptions

The average company uses twice as many cloud services as they estimate! Substly gives you transparency into which services are used within your organisation, enabling you to manage them effectively.

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Substly Spend

Know your spend and reduce costs

Most companies spend way more than they imagine on subscriptions. Substly visualizes your subscription spend, providing the insights you need to manage that spend and identify cost-saving opportunities.

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Prevent unwanted access to company data

Companies share a lot of data with employees, consultants and partners, leaving them vulnerable to information leaks from many directions. Substly keeps you up to date with who has access to which services, enabling you to easily manage access and prevent unwanted spread of information.

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Substly Upcoming Transactions

Keep track of renewal dates

Have you ever forgotten to cancel a subscription before it got renewed? Well, you are not alone! Set alerts, let Substly inform you when renewals are coming up and cancel unwanted services before they end up on your credit card bill.

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Streamline off-boarding of employees

Tired of trying to remember which accounts to cancel when someone leaves your company? Substly takes the pain away, making off-boarding of users a breeze by letting you know which accounts to cancel and when to do it.

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