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Substly helps you do localize your subscriptions to find out which employee is using what. It will give you an overview which will help you cut costs and off-board employees.

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Get an overview of all your subscriptions

The average company uses twice as many cloud services as they estimate! Substly gives you transparency into which services are used within your organisation, enabling you to manage them effectively.

Gather all your services in one place

Save time, money and sanity by managing all services in Substly. From here you have a clear company subscription overview, monitor software usage and discover services no longer needed within the company.

Prevent unwanted access with streamline off-boarding

Since companies share a lot of data through several services and subscription accounts, they are vulnerable to information leaks from many directions. Substly helps you monitoring software usage and preventing unwanted access by managing off-boarding users. Just cancel the accounts connected to anyone leaving your company.

Know your spend and reduce costs

Most companies spend way more than they imagine on subscriptions. Substly visualises your subscription spend, providing the insights you need to manage that spend and identify cost-saving opportunities.

Keep track of renewal dates

Have you ever forgotten to cancel a subscription before it got renewed? Well, you are not alone! Set alerts, let Substly inform you when renewals are coming up and cancel unwanted services before they end up on your credit card bill.

Make your company GDPR compliant

For SaaS providers like us the GDPR is important. Not only that we need to be compliant, we need to help our customers to be compliant as well.

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Free 30-day trial No credit card needed

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