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Questions about Substly? Here are some questions that our customers often ask.

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  • How can Substly help me with easy Off-Boarding?

    Whether a person is an employee, consultant, intern or for other reasons has access to any of your company’s services, adding them to your Substly account helps the company’s subscription management.

    Since companies share a lot of data through several services and subscription accounts, they are vulnerable to information leaks from many directions.
    As easy it is to on-boarding a person to any service, it’s just as easy to off-board users. When someone leaves your company you know exactly what services this person has access to and the procedure will just take minutes.

    Due to this, you will be able to make sure that company data does not spread outside your organization.

  • What is SaaS subscription management?

    SaaS Subscription Management systems help organizations and companies execute SaaS subscriptions in an easy way. SaaS Subscription Management systems often feature the ability to store payment data and automate recurring billing. More advanced products allow you to manage renewals, cancellations and create custom pricing plans and end automatic payment reminders and alerts. 

    This is where Substly fits the picture. Substly offers you the ability to get a quick overview of your services, users, spend and upcoming renewals. You will get the visibility of how much your company spends, helping you save the company money. You will also get the possibility to add alerts and receive notifications before payments hit your credit card, and track who is using which services, streamline off-boarding and prevent unwanted access to your company data.

  • Is Substly easy to use?

    Substly’s goal is to make subscription management as easy as possible for you and your company. You can install the service in two ways, either do it manually and set up each service and user one by one. Or, you have the possibility to upload your bank transaction files into Substly. By doing this, your paid services and spend details will be discovered in the Substly app. And of course, you can always contact Substyls support if you need help.

    When you are installed and using the platform you will get a full overview in a user-friendly dashboard. From here you can with a click of a button choose what section you want more detailed information about.

    And on each page you will get quick and easy insights, giving you the possibility to take important decisions and saving opportunities.

  • What is Substly?

    Our mission is to improve the way modern companies work by making subscription management simple and accessible to companies of all sizes.

    It is almost shocking that modern companies have such a limited knowledge of the services their employees use throughout their workday. But we believe that the issue isn’t that companies just take this lightly. We think they lack understanding of how to address these issues and lack the tools to do so.

    We have seen that companies that let their employees use the most appropriate services according to their needs grow faster. We have also seen how hard it is to do just that without the proper knowledge and support.

    Substly is all about making it easier by providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

  • How can Substly save my company money?

    We have the understanding that most companies spend way more than they imagine on subscriptions. It is easy to get fooled by the fact that subscriptions services are paid for on a monthly basis and the cost is calculated per user. But with a growing number of services that automatically renew, all with their separate renewal dates, impact your cash flow in a different way from one month to another. Here is where Substly allows you to see how your cash flow is impacted by the subscriptions spent from the services you pay for.

    And with the Upcoming-page you no longer need to rely on people emailing reminders or setting causes in their calendars. Substly makes your subscription management easier by checking out the upcoming dates and letting the alerts remind you before the renewals end up on your credit card bill.

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