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Find out what your digital services, licenses and subscriptions cost. With this integration you can easily connect your costs to your services in Substly – quickly, smoothly and above all securely.


Klarna gives you Europe’s most scalable and proven open banking platform

This integration allows Substlys’ customers to connect their bank data directly with our service. With Klarna’s function for Open Banking, you can save both time and money by efficiently identifying expenses. Information is retrieved directly from the account you choose and can then be easily entered into Substly’s system where they are matched with the respective services. The integration is time-efficient as you do not have to spend time looking up your costs manually and reduces the risk that some subscription services remain undetected, which can create security risks in the long run. When the costs with their corresponding services are filled in, you have taken great strides towards better control and can easily overview expenses for following periods as well as go back in time and sort by category of services.

Klarna Open Banking


  • What is Open Banking?

    Since September 2019, banks are required to share information with other actors, in accordance with the so-called PSD2 directive from the EU.  Simply put, this means that banks’ customer data and infrastructure can be used by more companies. The idea behind these changes is that they should encourage increased competition and innovation in financial services and thus add value to the end customer. It is important to point out, however, that this can only happen if the customer allows information to be shared.

  • How and why should we integrate with Klarna?

    Klarna’s Open Banking integration offers a time-efficient way to enter subscriptions and expenses to your Substly account. By integrating with Klarna, permission of access to selected bank data is given to Substly, which allows Substly to identify company subscriptions. Find your subscriptions now with our simple three-stage process:

    1) In the first step, choose which bank the data withdrawal is to take place from.

    2) Secondly, simply login to your bank and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to continue the process.

    3) Select which account you want the transactions to be retrieved from. If you want to retrieve data from different accounts, just repeat the process.

    Right now we offer the chance to take part in the beta version. Contact us and we will tell you more about the benefits and how to get started.

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