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User management. Enhanced.

Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly which services everyone in your company is using? With Substly, you can.


Track your users

Substly helps you to keep an updated record of which services your users have access to. Set owners and track who are using the different subscription based services in your company. See the number of users that are connected to each service and how much you spend per user. Invite others to collaborate with you.

"The checklists for on-/off-boarding of users have saved us a lot of time and headache."

Martin Björkman - Business Developer at Founders Loft
Import users with a few clicks

Import users with a few clicks

Substly integrates with Google G-Suite and Microsoft 365. Add all your employees, consultants etc. to Substly with just a few clicks. Give administrator rights to the users you want to collaborate with in Substly.

Connect users to the services they use

Orphaned subscriptions is a widely spread problem in many businesses. The Service Matrix makes it easy to keep an updated record of which services each user has access to. It also acts as a checklist when you onboard new employees, saving you lots of time.

Track your users
Secure your company data

Secure your company data

There are two main reasons to track what your employees use; avoid paying for unused subscriptions and prevent unwanted spread of your company data. The user management features in Substly help you limit negative effects on both.

Off-board people from services they shouldn't have access to

With a list of services a user has access to, the off-boarding feature helps you make sure to cancel all user-accounts when someone leaves your company.

Collaborate with your teammates

Collaboration between departments has never been easier. Invite others as administrators to Substly and work alongside each other. Sharing the same information and insights help you raise awareness of subscription tracking and user management among co-workers and management.

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