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Your subscriptions, users and costs in one place. Finally.

Substly helps you make better-informed decisions and save money, time, and sanity.


Insights you will act on

The average company uses two to three times more subscription-based services than they think and spend about double the amount of money than they expect. Substly help you gather all data in one place and visualising it in a way you can act on.

"The overview I get from using Substly gives me a huge value. It helps me structure subscription and user management."

Robert Orbelin - Director Matix, Gothenburg School of Business, Economics & Law

See yearly and monthly spending

Different renewal intervals, several credit cards, auto-renewals. The subscription business model has been successful at making it hard to see how much is being spent. Substly helps you uncover your company’s true subscription spending. See how much is being spent per year or month; in total, per subscription or per user.

See yearly and monthly spending

See upcoming renewals and expiries

Tired of trying to keep track of when your free-trials are ending, your subscriptions renew or contracts expire? Add spend details to your subscriptions and get full visibility into when renewals and expiries is coming up. Set reminders to get an email notification before payments hit your credit card.

Shared information between departments

With buying decisions and spending being spread out between several people and departments it is notoriously hard to get an overview good enough to act on. Substly allows you to share the same information with all stakeholders in your company; raising awareness, accountability and knowledge to a new level.

Collaborate with your teammates

Valuable insights that help you make smarter decisions

Mapping out the digital services being used in your company, understand how much is actually being spent and tracking who is using what brings knowledge you will act on. Substly provides you with insights you didn’t know you needed, until you get them.

Don’t let subscriptions be a bigger problem than they need to be

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