Feature - Find your subscriptions

Uncover your true subscription spend

Before Substly, putting together an overview of subscriptions used to be a time-consuming and painful task


Find your company's subscriptions

With the vast majority of vendors moving to subscription-based business models, managing subscription costs isn’t limited to only SaaS. Today, almost everything is being bought “as-a-service”; memberships, newspapers, furniture, coffee, plants, office space, cars, etc.

Substly helps you identify subscriptions and cost saving opportunities.

"I almost choked on my morning coffee when I saw how much we spend on subscriptions"

Jörgen Aaröe - CEO at DirSys

Automatically mapping out subscriptions

Substly automatically maps out your company’s subscriptions and costs when you upload a credit card statement or by connecting your bank account. Substly also allows you to add and edit subscriptions and financial data manually.

Automatically mapping out subscriptions
Uncover spend

Uncover your true subscription spend

The subscription model was created to make you spend more. The average company spends two times more than they think on subscriptions. Let Substly help you uncover your true subscription spend.

See transaction history and upcoming payments

All those monthly and yearly payments amount to more than what you would think. Seeing exactly how much you spend and when you pay for each subscription helps you cut costs.


Get valuable insights that help you make smarter decisions

Cut out unwanted subscriptions and cancel unused user accounts – by gathering all your SaaS and other subscription based services in one place, Substly helps you get a better overview, saving you both time and money.

Don’t let subscriptions be a bigger problem than they need to be

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