Why should I add users (employees, consultants etc) to Substly?

Add employees, consultants and other people with access to your services to keep up to date with who has access to which services., Thia enables you to manage access more easily and prevent unwanted spread of information.

When an employee leaves your company Substly’s offboarding function shows you exactly which services they have access to and streamlines the process of removing their user-accounts. By doing so, you also make sure that company data doesn’t spread outside of your organization.

By adding users you can also see how much you spend on average per user and how many users that are connected to different subscriptions, enabling you to make smarter decisions and save money.

  • Overview of your users
  • On-/off-board users
  • Quick edit user
  • Prevent unwanted spread of information
  • See average spend per user
  • Get important insights