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Questions about Substly? Here are answers to questions our customers often ask.



  • What is Substly?

    Substly is a service that helps businesses track subscriptions, manage users and identify cost-saving opportunities.

    With the vast majority of vendors moving to subscription-based business models, managing company subscription costs isn’t limited to only cloud software. Today, almost everything is being bought “as-a-service”; memberships, newspapers, furniture, coffee, plants, office space, cars, etc.

    Substly allows your company to get an overview of all your subscriptions, users, and costs in one place, allowing you to make better-informed decisions, save money, time, and…well, sanity.

    Would you like to know more about how Substly helps companies save money? Read more here

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  • Why Substly?

    Before companies have gotten started with Substly they often think they spend about half of what they actually do. It is not uncommon for us to hear reports of people in management almost “falling off their chairs” when seeing an aggregate view of their subscription-cost.

    Substly helps companies save money, time and effort by providing a better understanding of subscription usage and costs in their daily operations.
    Substly will help your company to:

    • Quickly lower cost by cancelling unwanted subscriptions discovered by Substly.
    • Stay up to date with user accounts and save you time and headache when off-boarding employees.
    • Remember to cancel subscriptions before they hit your credit card.
    • Improve transparency and communication between IT, Finance and other departments.
    • Get more out of the digital services your employees use in their daily work.


    Feel free to book a short call with one of our experts to learn how your company would best benefit from using Substly.

  • Is Substly right for our company?

    If there is more than one person in your company who purchase subscription-based services and you’re looking for a way to share the burden of managing them, then yes! If you’re tired of trying to keep track of your subscriptions, recurring costs and users in a spreadsheet and is looking for an easy-to-use solution that makes it a whole lot easier, then yes! If you find your spreadsheet enough, then no (but here is a free spreadsheet template you can use if you’d like).

  • What is Subscription Management (SaaS Management)?

    The term Subscription Management (SaaS Management) refers to one of two things:

    If you are a SaaS vendor – Subscription Management, or SaaS Management, is a term used for managing your customers subscriptions, plans and payments. Vendors like Chargebee, Chargify or Stripe offer the ability to store payment data and automate recurring billing, manage renewals, create custom pricing plans etc.

    If you are not a SaaS vendor – Subscription Management, or Subscription Tracking, is a term used for tracking and managing cloud based services and other subscriptions being used by your employees in their everyday work. Vendors like Substly offer the ability to get a clear overview of all digital services, users and spend. 

  • Why shouldn’t we use a spreadsheet to manage company subscriptions?

    Substly brings your subscriptions, users, and costs together in a way that your accounting software or a spreadsheet could never do.

    In accounting software, you need to put substantial time and effort into manually processing the financial data each time a report is required (which is basically what Substly does for you). There is also a lack of possibilities to manage users, track renewal dates etc.

    Spreadsheets are great. We love them. But not when used to keep track of company subscriptions. Here are some of the drawbacks with tracking your company’s subscriptions in spreadsheets:

    • No currency conversion handling – you’re paying for all your subscriptions in different currencies and with ever-changing conversion rates it becomes hard to understand your total cost.
    • No up-to-date and relevant financial data for budgeting and reporting – aggregating that data over time requires a lot of manual work and/or ninja-style formulas.
    • No notifications about upcoming renewals – it is hard to remember to cancel your unwanted subscriptions before they hit the credit card without notifications.
    • Lack of transparency within your company – Without transparency, it is easy to assume that “others” are in control. But what happens if the spreadsheet “owner” gets injured, sick, or leaves the company?
    • No data repository –  for documents/contracts/off-boarding procedures/contact data etc.
  • Does Substly help us avoid paying for subscriptions we don’t want?

    Yes. Substly can help your company discover long-forgotten subscriptions via our bank integration or by uploading a credit card statement. The alerts functionality in Substly will also remind you when it is time to cancel unwanted subscriptions or user accounts. Once an alert has been set, an email is sent out before a renewal happens. You can set alerts for all subscriptions in Substly.



  • Does Substly remind us when subscriptions renew?

    Substly offers a smart “upcoming”-view which helps you stay up to date regarding when your subscriptions renew. You can also set alerts that trigger an email to be sent out before a subscription renew.

  • How much time does it take to set up our account?

    If you use the built-in integrations and Usage Survey, your account can start being populated in a few minutes. If you prefer to add your data manually, it largely depends on how many subscriptions are being used and how well you know your spend details. Feedback from customers that set up their account manually is that they find it easier than they thought it would be. It normally takes between 20 minutes and a couple of hours.

    Feel free to book a short call with one of our experts to find out what would be the best approach for you.

  • Do you offer support or help to set up our account?

    Yes. No matter if you need support, have a feature request or just want to give us a pat on the back, we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line at support@substly.com or contact our sales team.

  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    We accept payments by debit/credit cards. For our “Pro” and “Custom” plans we also offer payments via invoice. We have chosen Stripe as our payment processor since we believe it is the best choice for our customers. You may choose to pay monthly or yearly. Find out more about our pricing on our pricing page.

  • What is Substly’s cancellation policy?

    There is no cancellation period, nor do we have any cancellation fees. Use Substly as long as you are happy with it. If there is anything you miss or dislike, we would love to hear how we can make Substly better for you and hope you’ll consider dropping us a line at support@substly.com

  • How many subscriptions can we manage in Substly?

    • Light Plan – Manage up to 30 Subscriptions
    • Standard Plan – Manage up to 60 Subscriptions.
    • Pro Plan – Manage up to 100 Subscriptions

    Read more about our plans and pricing here.

    If you have more than 250 users, please contact our sales team for a custom offer.

  • What kind of subscriptions can we manage with Substly?

    Although Substly was mainly created for keeping track of SaaS (Software as a Service), we live in an “Everything as a Service”-economy and our customers use Substly to keep track of much more. You can track digital services such as Salesforce, Mailchimp or Microsoft 365 as well as anything else that is being bought as-a-service; memberships, newspapers, furniture, coffee, plants, office space, cars, mobile phones etc. Hence, you may use Substly to keep track of all kinds of recurring payments, free services and lifetime deals.


  • Why should we add free services to Substly?

    Since there is no money to save, free services are often overlooked when companies manage their digital services. But there is another important reason to add free services to Substly than cutting costs – prevent unwanted spread of your company data.

    In companies which lack a good process and system for managing digital services, it is common for ex-employees to have access to business-critical services. Since your employees share just as much company information with free services as they do with paid services, it is wise to manage access to all your applications, free and paid.

  • Do we add subscriptions manually or does Substly find them for us?

    Connecting Substly to your bank account or uploading a credit card statement enables Substly to automatically map out your company subscriptions. This allows you to get an overview of company subscriptions, with minimal effort. You can also add company subscriptions manually by browsing our product database or creating a custom service.

  • What is Open Banking?

    Since September 2019, banks are required to share information with other actors, in accordance with the so-called PSD2 directive from the EU.  Simply put, this means that banks’ customer data and infrastructure can be used by more companies. The idea behind these changes is that they should encourage increased competition and innovation in financial services and thus add value to the end customer. It is important to point out, however, that this can only happen if the customer allows information to be shared.

  • How and why should we integrate with Klarna?

    Klarna’s Open Banking integration offers a time-efficient way to enter subscriptions and expenses to your Substly account. By integrating with Klarna, permission of access to selected bank data is given to Substly, which allows Substly to identify company subscriptions. Find your subscriptions now with our simple three-stage process:

    1) In the first step, choose which bank the data withdrawal is to take place from.

    2) Secondly, simply login to your bank and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to continue the process.

    3) Select which account you want the transactions to be retrieved from. If you want to retrieve data from different accounts, just repeat the process.

    Right now we offer the chance to take part in the beta version. Contact us and we will tell you more about the benefits and how to get started.

  • Do we have to connect our bank account?

    No. Substly works just as well without the built-in integrations. Connecting your bank account to Substly or uploading credit card statements minimises the work you need to do to add data to your dashboard. But you can add subscriptions and spend details from our curated product database.

  • Do we cancel a subscription if we remove it from Substly?

    Substly alerts you on when to cancel a subscription, or which user accounts to cancel when an employee leaves your company, but a subscription or user account doesn’t get cancelled automatically when removed from Substly.

  • Why should we add service users (employees, consultants) to Substly?

    Add employees, consultants and others with access to your services in order to keep track of user accounts. This enables you to manage user access more easily and prevent unwanted spread of information.

    When an employee leaves your company Substly’s offboarding function shows you exactly which services they have access to and streamlines the process of removing their user accounts. By doing so, you also make sure that company data doesn’t spread outside of your organization.

    By adding users you can also see how much you spend on average per user and how many users that are connected to different subscriptions, enabling you to make smarter decisions and save money.

    • Overview of your users
    • On-/off-boarding of users
    • Quick edit user
    • Prevent unwanted spread of information
    • Identify average spend per user
    • Get important insights
  • Do the employees we import get access to Substly?

    No. You can invite employees as Admins, which allows you to collaborate in Substly, but importing email addresses doesn’t automatically give your employees access to Substly. Nor do we communicate with your employees in any other way than triggered by you (such as sending Usage Surveys, setting subscription renewal alerts etc).

  • How does Substly facilitate off-boarding of our employees?

    In our experience, many companies lack processes to find and cancel employees user accounts when they leave the company. Substly allows you to keep an updated record of which services your employees have access to.

    The off-boarding feature saves you a lot of time and headache when someone leaves your company since you already have an updated view of which services and user accounts to cancel.

  • How does Substly’s dashboard help us out?

    The dashboard is located on the start-page in the app and presents you with a clear overview of key metrics, and brings you up to speed on everything from spendings to off-boarding of users. By having a look at the dashboard once a week, you’ll get a good overview and understanding of your expenses and subscriptions. The user-friendly dashboard provides you with a great number of insights such as:

    • See your total amount of subscriptions and users.
    • See your total spendings.
    • Overview of your upcoming and historical spendings.
    • Keep track of renewal dates.
    • Average spend per user.
    • Find out which subscriptions cost you the most money.
    • Keep track of upcoming events such as off-boarding employees.
  • Does Substly handle different currencies?

    It doesn’t matter if you pay for your subscriptions in different currencies. Substly automatically converts all payments and show your cost in the currency that suits you best.

    You can always change which currency you want to see your costs in from the settings page in Substly.

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