Matix uses Substly at the University

"Using Substly has been a reality check for us. I believe there is a need for a service like Substly in companies of all sizes."

Robert Orbelin Director of Matix

"I was shocked to see how much the prices have increased since we started using some of the subscription services."

- Robert Orbelin

Matix’s top three reasons for using Substly

  • The overview – getting all Saas and other subscriptions in one place!
  • User management – finally, we have control of who is using what, and it has made the off-boarding of users much more manageable.
  • Alerts function – it helps us remember to cancel subscriptions on time.

Robert Orbelin, Director of Matix, says he is getting tremendous value from gathering all subscriptions, users, and costs in one place:

“Using Substly has been a reality check for us. I believe there is a need for a service like Substly in companies of all sizes.”

Robert Orbelin

Why Matix started to use Substly

In addition to holding the position as Director of Matix, Robert Orbelin has profound experience as Chairman of the Board in several privately held companies and from a long career in management consulting in small and medium-sized businesses.

A common problem Robert has seen is how companies fail to manage subscriptions and user accounts effectively. There’s often a lack of structure and processes. In many companies, everyone assumes that someone else keeps track of what digital services employees and consultants have access to and how much they cost. This assumption causes unnecessary expenses and is, in some cases, even a security risk (former employees have access to company information they shouldn’t have).

Matix is a small organization, but since both students, employees, and consultants have access to subscription services, it has been challenging to keep track of their services and user accounts.

“As a small organisation you have a perception of being in control of these things. Substly showed us otherwise.”
Robert Orbelin

Robert Orbelin
With limited knowledge of what was used and by whom, Matix looked to improve following by using Substly:

  • Getting a clear overview of all their SaaS and other subscription-based services
  • Detailed knowledge of how much money they spend
  • Monitoring which people have access to which digital services

Robert Orbelin

Robert Orbelin, Director at Matix

How using Substly solved Matix’s challenges

After signing up to Substly, Robert uploaded a credit card statement, which allowed Substly to find subscriptions Matix pays for. He was more than surprised when he saw how much Matix spent on subscriptions.

“I was shocked to see how much the prices have increased since we started using some of the subscription services.”
Robert Orbelin

Many of the subscriptions identified by Substly had been used for several years by Matix. When they got a better insight into how much the prices had increased, it triggered them to have a closer look at how competitive the services they use are. This insight led them to acquire several new services. Robert adds that having an updated view of the digital services enables him to estimate which services they should keep or not regularly.

“The overview I get from using Substly is of high value to me.”

Robert Orbelin

One thing that surprised Robert with Substly was the user management features. Having an updated list of subscriptions and keeping track of who has access to which services has always been somewhat of a challenge in Matix. In Matix, employees, consultants, and some students all have user accounts in different services.

The user management features in Substly made this much easier for them. I especially like the off-boarding feature – for example, when the students graduate, I already have a list of which user accounts to cancel, Robert says.

Once Matix got all data into Substly, Robert says he felt a sense of relief and gratitude. A service that helps me gather and visualize this information and at the same time saves me time is extremely valuable to me, he adds.

“Once we got all our data into Substly, I felt a sense of relief!”
Robert Orbelin

Another thing used a lot by Matix in Substly is the ‘Alerts function.’ Who would have thought that getting an email before renewal would provide so much value? It has helped us avoid paying for subscriptions we would have forgotten to cancel otherwise, says Robert.

Matix has saved money and improved their subscription- and user management by tracking their subscriptions. Click on one of the links below if you are curious to learn more about how your company could save money by using Substly.

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