Fortnox integration with Substly for better cost control

"Substly has filled a need we have, for which we didn't have a solution."

Tobias Hjeltman Business Area Manager at Dirsys
  • 16 employees

"The overview means that we don't have to compile everything in Excel and feel we might miss something."

- Tobias Hjeltman

Dirsys helps its customers make sound decisions within IT management och information security. They manage this by acting independently and as strategic advisors for organizations that want to develop their operations with intelligent IT solutions.

A couple of years ago, Dirsys made a growth journey that brought increased costs for digital services. “When we first tried Substly, we were shocked at how much we spent on cloud-based services,” Tobias Hjeltman says. Through a clear overview, Dirsys saves 20%of its costs.

  • Canceling services that they no longer used
  • Get rid of licenses for users that no longer should have access

“I almost choked on my coffee when I saw how much we spend on cloud services.”
Jörgen Aaröe, CEO, DirSys

A clear overview creates value for the entire company

Dirsys sees a great value in the clear overview they get over costs for digital services through Substly. The result is better cost control, and the goal is to make another 10% in savings this year. “The trend analysis makes it easy to ensure that the trend is heading in the right direction,” Tobias adds. Seeing cost and possible savings from a helicopter perspective means we don’t have to compile everything in Excel and feel we might miss something.

“Substly has filled a need we have, for which we didn’t have a solution.”
Tobias Hjeltman, Busniess Area Manager, Dirsys

For Dirsys, Substly is a policy instrument, a compliment that fills a need they had, for which they lacked a solution. It brings tremendous value to the management team; they can easily see prognoses and cost history. “Over time, we might use Substly when budgeting for IT costs,” Tobias Hjeltman says.

“The overview means that we don’t have to compile everything in Excel and feel we might miss something.”
Tobias Hjeltman, Busniess Area Manager, Dirsys

The integration with Fortnox is the icing on the cake

Dirsys thinks that Substly; has a well-crafted interface and a short starting distance – it’s quick to get started, it’s easy to navigate, and they get an excellent overview of the statistics. “The real icing on the cake is how smooth works with Substlys integration to Fortnox. The integration means we always have an updated and sorted view of which services we have, what we spend, and when our services are being renewed,” Tobias concludes.

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