Numerous companies are insourcing their IT operations


Digital transformation is a fact, and several companies transfer their IT operations to the cloud. There are several advantages, where scalability and agile work are the main driving force. In conjunction with the move to the cloud, IT operations are also common to be insourced.

Insourcing IT operations means that someone at the company gets the task of administrating the app portfolio on their desk. It can be challenging to keep track of who purchases digital services, systems, and cloud-based services from various departments. You must keep track of; who has access to each service and system and who should be granted access when onboarding. On top of it all, you are expected to keep track of costs, renewal dates, and when licenses expire.

No longer solely the IT department that purchases digital services

In the past, most went through the IT department. But today, IT purchases are made from other parts of the organization to an increasing extent. We know what we want and what we need to improve efficiency in our work. We quickly want to find what is best suitable for us.

When the administrative responsibility for administrating all digital services at the company lies solely with IT, it is a challenge to succeed because IT is no longer all the puzzle pieces. Suppose you are unaware of what is purchased and by whom. Then the problem arises that services fly “under the radar,” i.e., shadow-IT.

Security is essential

Safety is an urge to move services to the cloud. From a security perspective, it’s essential to administrate all users of each service. This applies to paid services and all free services available at the company, as this is where the company’s data is stored. Here is where off-boarding becomes essential.

Picture a company with 100 employees and 50 subscriptions. Sounds manageable, right? But when we look at how many connections between users and services, the company has 5,000 unique user accounts to administer — the bigger the company, the more connections.

Each connection has to be handled properly to ensure that unauthorized people don’t have access to company data. Here it is necessary to have a clear and structured off-boarding process. Every service an employee has access to needs to be deactivated to shut the door and not risk any security breaches. At the same time, ensure that the company does not pay for services that are not being used.

If you have your IT business in-house, there are solutions that may facilitate your management and simplify your everyday life. Substly offers a service like this.

Substly helps you get a complete overview of your digital services, what they cost, and who has access to what. In addition, you can invite other administrators to our system so that you can work together. This collaboration saves your time and opens up more transparent mutual communication across departments and better and more data-driven decisions.

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