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We have seen a significant increase in SaaS usage among companies these past few years. We use digital subscription services to organize, communicate and solve our daily challenges. At the same time, we can see an even more significant increase in duplicates, abandoned subscriptions, and increased costs. What is the cause of this waste?

Today, we find both data analysts and developers in the marketing department, so IT management is no longer merely a job for the IT department. We find competent employees in various departments across the company who drive the digital transformation, which opens up for cooperation.

Increased competence

Many companies are aware that IT competence is increasing and are present in different departments. They are also mindful that digital subscription services and tools are purchased from several sources and are spread throughout the company. For this very reason, it is essential to have a structured way of managing all subscriptions and digital services. Partly to get an overview and at the same time prevent unauthorized personnel from having access. This is what is called Subscription Management.

Using additional digital services is not an issue; it benefits our work. On the other hand, additional services entail security risks, running costs, and sometimes unnecessary costs. Today, multiple employees use the same tool or service in various departments, which increases the probability of purchasing the same service two or more. If you have a structured way of managing your subscriptions, this can easily be avoided.


Usage of SaaS services has increased

During the pandemic, we have seen that the number of digital services has increased by 13%. It is mainly SaaS services that streamline communication. Still, many companies have also had to upgrade their existing services to gain access to more functionality. As the person responsible for purchasing SaaS services, there are a few things to keep track of:

  • What services you have, what do they cost, and when renewed
  • Terminate unused subscriptions to avoid unnecessary costs
  • Remove access for an employee after termination of employment to ensure that company information does not fall into the wrong hands
offboarding users

 “On- and offboarding of users has saved us a lot of time and headaches.”

Martin Björkman – Business developer at Founders Loft

Avoid unnecessary expenses

With the lack of a clear overview, it is easy for services and tools to disappear in the masses. Unnecessary costs are added to abandoned, forgotten, and unused subscriptions.

Many people seem to believe that the problems with poorly managed subscription management should lay on the CIO’s table. But since the issue concerns all departments, all those responsible should reasonably be involved and work together. With shared responsibility and teamwork, you will get better transparency regarding costs and the use of SaaS services at the company.

Subscription-based business models were created to get us, customers, to spend more – and we do! With a solution like Substly, you allow yourself to handle this more smoothly. You get a clear overview that facilitates collaboration between all departments at your company.

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