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As a CFO, you probably see the risks with colleagues investing in subscription services unplanned. But it isn’t easy to address it concretely without sounding narrow and backwards-looking. You are like a captain who tells the sailors that the boat is slowly sinking, but you can not show where the holes in the hull are.

The fact that subscription services within companies increase by 30% every year is not worrying. What is worrying is that abandoned and unused subscriptions are growing at an even higher rate. Companies today are spending money like never before on spontaneously buying subscriptions that no one barely uses. We want to change that: We want you as CFO to be able to quickly overview your company’s subscriptions and close the financial gaps before they become too big. 


Get a complete overview, correct errors, and save money

As CFO, a large part of your work is to analyze the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and propose corrective measures. There is no difference in subscription management – there are errors to correct and money to be saved when it comes to subscription management.

In Substly’s platform, you as CFO can:

  • Find out how much each person and department spends on digital subscription services.
  • Identify any overlap between services used within the company to see if there is a possibility of consolidation.
  • Easily add new subscriptions and users to keep your subscription management up to date.

Specific benefits with using Substly for you as a CFO

As a CFO, the direct benefits you can get from working with subscription management through Substly are primarily a basis for setting boundaries. Through Substly’s budget functions, you can see how much money colleagues and departments spend on subscription services. Substly simplifies the ability to form internal budgets and gives you a sense of control.

Free up time and money 

We at Substly know that you have more important things to think about than subscription management. We have made our platform as simple as possible to use. When subscription services are increasing more than ever, Substly allows you to invest time and focus on anything other than subscription management.

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