Tear down the barrier between IT and other departments – Subscription management for CTOs

Tear down the barrier between IT and other departments - Subscription management for CTOs and IT-managers

It knocks on your door; it’s a colleague who wants information about a business license. You help, reluctantly, and then go back to what you were doing when the next colleague suddenly pushes his face into the doorway and says, “Could you help me with this?”. With a technical competence superior to others, subscription management often lands on your desk whether you like it or not. But that does not have to be the case.

We know that subscription management isn’t the most fun subject to talk about, and we do not claim that it should be the highest priority within a company. We know that CTOs have other essential things to do. That’s precisely why we started Substly.

“I don’t have to bother the IT department with questions about company licenses anymore. Instead, I go directly to Substly.”Åsa Vukmanovic Lilja, Business Support at tretton37

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The number of subscriptions within companies increases by 30% every year; simultaneously, duplicates and orphaned accounts increase at an even higher rate. Lack of control in subscription management risks draining both money and time from your company and threatens the company and your customer’s security. Therefore, subscription management has become a must for modern companies.

Share the responsibility between departments

We do not believe that you as a CTO should handle all the company’s subscriptions completely yourself. We believe in cooperation. We have built an interactive platform where each team leader can overview and manage their colleague’s subscription services within Substly.

Substly’s platform makes it possible to:

  • Identify services used within the company to see if there is a possibility of consolidation.
  • Discover potential security risks and understand which digital services pose the most significant risks.
  • See which subscriptions each employee uses, what they cost, and when renewed.
  • Overview of how much money each department spends on subscriptions.

Unused subscriptions and security risks associated with subscription management

Do you suspect that there are many unused subscription services within your company? Do you see it as a security risk that former employees still have access to subscriptions that they used when working at your company? As CTO, this is a constant concern that follows you, and we at Substly know why.

Even though most CTOs have a relatively good idea of ??which subscription services they use in their department, there is often a lack of an overview of the rest of the company’s subscriptions. In addition, most subscription management services lack features that allow you to see which employees are using which subscriptions, which means that offboarding (which is crucial to avoid constant concern) becomes inadequate.

Free up time, save money, and increase security

Substly helps small and medium-sized businesses to get a complete overview of all subscriptions and digital services with little effort. So what are you waiting for? Replace the old spreadsheet once and for all and experience enterprise-level features at an entry-level price.

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