What is Substly?

What is Substly?

Overview that saves money and effort

Subscription-based business models were created to make you spend more money. There is a reason that most vendors move toward that type of business model – it works! Substly helps your company avoid paying more than you need by bringing you a much-needed overview of all your subscriptions, users, and costs:

  • Quickly lower your expenses by canceling unwanted services discovered by Substly
  • Saves time and headache when on-/off-boarding employees by having access to an updated record of who has access to what services.
  • Remember to cancel subscriptions before they hit your credit card with notifications.
  • Improve transparency and communication between departments to make better decisions.

Companies use three times more subscriptions than they think

Tech-forward small and medium-sized companies often use more than 100 subscription-based services (!). That number might be hard to digest but spread out across an organization, divided between free and paid services and different departments. The number of services used usually is much higher than first expected.

We expect all companies to look like this within five to ten years. But not only tech-forward companies use more SaaS and other subscription-based services than they think. Our findings indicate that the average company uses three times more subscription-based services than they believe and spend about double the amount of money than what they expect.

Those numbers don’t surprise us at all. With vendors charging for their services monthly, buying decisions, and costs spread out between several people in an organization, it is notoriously hard to get a good enough overview of services, users, and fees to act on.

Of course, not all employees use all services but already in a company with 100 employees, with the average person using 30 services, there are 3000 unique connections to manage. On average, 30% of the applications used are replaced each year. With a global employee turnover of 10% each year (according to LinkedIn), the company needs to manage almost 1.500 connections between users and services. Without a structure process and system in place, it is no wonder things fall between the cracks. Most companies waste significant money on redundant or orphaned subscriptions just because they lack a good process to keep track of all their services, users, and costs.

Created to give back control to you

This is where services like Substly come into play. Substly was created because we got fed up with the time-consuming and painful task of trying to keep track of all subscriptions, users, and costs in a spreadsheet. Don’t get us wrong. We love spreadsheets. But let’s face it, there are better ways than using spreadsheets when it comes to keeping track of your company subscriptions.

As we looked for a tool to help us with these challenges, we realized that the few options on the market were all targeting IT management in large corporations. We failed to find a product developed strictly with the needs of small and medium-sized companies in mind.

Substly is all about giving you that sense of control you lack- an easy-to-use out-of-the-box product that even non-techies can use and love. To some of our users, Substly has become a revelation. It allowed them to get back in control of their spending and usage, but it has helped them stay in control. We hope it will do the same for you!

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