Substly in Göteborgs-Posten

Substly and Göteborgs-Posten

It was a pleasant surprise when journalist Kerstin Sjödén contacted us and wanted to know more about Substly. At the beginning of January, Co-founders Ola and Felix met with Kerstin at a café. They talked about how the idea of Substly appeared and evolved, the vision and ambition to make a substantial impact on the subscription management market.


It’s been one month since Substly had a double-page spread in Göteborgs-Posten, one of Sweden’s largest newspapers. We are very proud of this given attention and naturally, we want to share the article with you.

“I want the people working here to feel that we are doing this together, whether we succeed or fail.”
Ola Stål, Substly

The article initiates the reader by using an example about the irritation when money is withdrawn for a subscription service you once again forgot to cancel. As a company, this can end up in huge monetary losses. The so-called SaaS market (Software as a Service) has literally exploded in the last five years. Even small companies can be overwhelmed with yet one service after another and keeping track of who is using what can easily get out of hand.
– If you miss quitting accounts from a former employee they are still accessing company information, Ola says, and in a worst-case scenario they start working for a competitor.

Further, they talk about the constructive feedback they got from the companies using the beta version last fall.
– They noticed a lot of things we didn’t and gave us useful input that we added to the service. Our primary clients are small and medium-sized companies, some who might be lacking an it-sector, Felix continues.

– I want the people working here to feel that we are doing this together, whether we succeed or fail, Ola says at the end of the article.

The hard work of developing and establishing Substly is as ongoing as ever, with amazing energy from everyone involved. We want you to take part in this exciting and challenging journey, and we will share our experiences and thoughts here on the blog.


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