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Matix – Management of growing enterprises – is a one year master program at the School of business, economics and law in Gothenburg. It deepens the education and skills in subjects such as innovation, strategy, change management and leadership.

What made Matix start using Substly?

Robert Orbelin is the director of Matix and has profound experience from missions like consulting, chairman and other engagements throughout the years.

At first glance when Robert heard about Substly he did not know much about all the provided functionality built into the platform. He has previous experience of consulting, chairman and similar engagements that organisations lack control in managing subscriptions. As a director at Matix, Robert has discovered the same problem. However, Matix is a rather small organisation with only a handful of subscription services, still there are many people connected to these services. Robert assumed this area was developable within the organisation.

Robert Orbelin

What insights did Robert find from using Substly?

When Robert started to explore the Substly platform he was surprised to find the sections in addition to his initial purpose of using Substly. Not only was this a service to keep track of Matix’s subscriptions, the increased expenses on some services was displayed in an explicit way.

I was shocked to see how the prices have increased and standards have changed since we started using some services

The User section with detailed information about which person has access to which services was another favourable feature, since Matix has many people connected to theirs.

Robert explains that Substly gives him and Matix a regular reflection of which services we use and who is using what. The Alert functionality together with a user friendly dashboard that puts everything in a clear overview have helped Robert set a structure and control who has access to what.

The overview I get, gives me a huge value. That I can see what type of subscriptions we use and receive a regular reflection if we should continue using them or not, helps me structure subscription and user management.

Although Matix is a small organisation with a low amount of services, Robert experiences a huge value in regaining control of spend and usage on each service they have. Through Roberts experience as different types of roles, he explains that “Every company should use this kind of service”.

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